Hero picks off two Taliban from a mile and a half away!!!

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1.5 miles is pretty god damn far away, not to mention 3 consecutive shots.

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British Sniper (United Kingdom)

British Sniper

  • Cost: 600
  • Strength: 125
  • Armor: None
  • Speed: 4
  • Weapons: AWP rifle
  • Required to produce: Barracks
  • The British Sniper is a long range unit, obviously. He can hide out on a cliff near the enemy's base and quickly dispatch all of the enemy infantry in the area.

Bad Ass!

That's impressive. Always keep in mind that the people on the other end of those shots were humans as well though.

mrstickball said:
Something tells me the people making light of this feat have never shot a rifle in their life. You know, the real thing, not the Call of Duty equivalent.

I know, I can't hit a target 20 metres away with a rifle, let alone a target kilometers away.

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Never seen a soldier getting publicity for a sniper shot. At least now the rebels know the face, family and town of this sniper. They can seek and kill him easier now...

Stupid show off people...

This is the sort of story that should be on the front page news, rather than hearing about celebrity break ups and sex lives, our troops out there need so much more respect

Doing the three peaks challenge soon for the "help for heroes"

I want more stories posted in this thread like this one!!

ph4nt said:

Achievement unlocked.


kind of scary distance that,no ones safe

i barely understand how it is possible

                                                                                                                                        Above & Beyond


c03n3nj0 said:
ManusJustus said:
c03n3nj0 said:

For some reason I didn't expect it to be an American soldier, and I was right... is that bad? -_-

Its hard to hide in the grass after you've eaten a Double Down :)

I had to google what a Double Down was:


Where's the bread?

Great propaganda, but its a great achievement and I cant say its easy xD.