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Well, everyone knows Tetris, and it's one of my favorites. It's really the puzzle game in most people's minds. But I also love Dr. Mario and I really, really enjoyed Wario's Woods. What are your favorite puzzle games?


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Critter Crunch is amazing, it's my favorite. And it has rainbow vomit!

All-time: Tetris
This gen: Portal

Tetris Attack/ Pokemon Puzzle League

All-time: Tetris
This gen: Puzzle Quest DS

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Runners up Columns and Dr. Mario A Boy and His Blob

Columns for the Genesis, Tetris Attack for the Super Nintendo and Minesweeper Time Attack for the PC!

Super Puzzle Fighter II: Turbo


Some of my favourites:

PSP: Puzzle Quest

Iphone: Bejeweled 2, Unblock me, Flood it

But my absolute favourite is any version of Picross

1. Portal (by far)
2. World of Goo
3. Puzzle Quest