Dead Space Vs. RE5 which game is better?

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Dead Space Vs. RE5 which game is better?

Deadspace 25 69.44%
RE5 11 30.56%

I made this poll a few months ago but I need to make a point so please vote (again).

EDIT- This is in terms of having the elements of a survival horror game, I feel that taking place in braod daylight majority of the time and having a partner takes the horror away and makes it an action game (you have enemies with gatling guns). Deadspace sticks on a drak ship alone with the hundreds of creepy ass monsters that pop out from any direction with no warning (not screaming MAKAKULE weh they spotted you.

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Dead Space is more Resident Evil than Resi 5 is.

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Just choosing which game is better, i feel RE5 is better. Love the gameplay and coop feature.

RE5 for the co-op.

Dead Space game of the Generation

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Two different types of games even though they're in the same genre.

I personally preferred Resident Evil 5 because the roots and story will keep me playing it more than once. I'm not sure if I'd play Dead Space more than once, but who knows.

As of now, I'd go with Resident Evil 5.


RE5 co-op > *

Which ever one doesn't have tank controls. Wait, I have my answer....

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Dead Space easily.  It's the best survival horror game this generation so far (Hopefully Alan Wake surpasses it).  Resident Evil 5 was fun, but the controls and partner AI in the single player game hindered the experience.  Plus, RE5 strayed a little to far from it's roots. 

Dead Space is FAR superior.