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CGI-Quality said:

O! you said system seller. GT5. Halo has seen its hay day this gen. If reach moves any console i predict nomore then 2m consoles.

That would stilll be a damn big system seller for Reach!

yea it is. but i see GT5 selling 5m Ps3'S

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Tanstalas said:
Millennium said:
Neither, or rather, it won't be possible to tell. The people who want Halo: Reach got a 360 for Halo 3, and the people who want GT5 got a PS3 for the Prologue. One could still argue -especially in GT5's case- that these games were still responsible for a number of console sales before the game's release, but that can't be tracked with any accuracy.

Yeah, I know tons of people who bought a $500 gaming system for a Demo.

Oh, they bought it for GT5. But when you can start playing it (or a demo thereof) immediately, why wait for the full version? The entire story of this gen is one of people not waiting for their favorite games before buying the console, but buying it sooner -almost like an investment- and tiding themselves over with similar games until then. It's how Halo 3, GTA4, LBP, and the other big HD blockbusters have all failed to verifiably move significant numbers of consoles, and neither GT5 nor Halo: Reach will be any different. They sold their systems long before the games themsevles were released, and those sales can't be tracked.

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First GT this gen should move some.  wholikeswood's estimate of 4m seems a bit high though.

If xlive go on a massive ban-a-thon in August it could be close.  It will be tough to tell with the price cut.

probably gran turismo because most of the people buying halo reach probably own a 360 already because of previous halo games

odds are there will be yet another 360 bundle though when reach comes out so who knows

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Is this a trick question?
GT5 obviously
Though if halo reach was the first halo game for the Xbox360, that is, no halo3+ODST were released.
then it would be much closer, then Ild say Halo would shift more consoles in the US and GT would shift more elsewhere.

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GT5 without a doubt.

Halo reach won't have any effect on system sales whatsoever.  There have already been 3 Halo games this Gen.  If someone was going to buy a 360 for a Halo game, they would of done it by now.

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Which is a better system seller you ask?

The definitive racing sim this gen called Gran Turismo 5 aka GT5 aka The only real next gen racing sim to date aka perfection.....(LOL)

SONY Computer Entertainment's Gran Turismo 5 for the SONY Playstation 3 Computer Entertainment System.

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I think GT5 just because its the first real release for the long running series. Not many people understand that Halo Reach is a prequel. Also I think with so many FPS on the 360 already and three prior releases for the series there isn't going to be as much of a push because those who like Halo already have a 360.

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