Well, after playing 4 with wii controls... RE5 was very lackluster in the gameplay part. Shooters without a mouse or a wiimote, imo, always lack in that area.

Move might be able to change that with the special edition or something.

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You are definetly not the only one, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE RE5 best game last year for me. besides it sold pretty well so someone likes it.

I liked it.

phinch1 said:
I think what people where getting at is that Resident evil changed genre.Resident evil 4 changed it from a survival horror to and action shooter and as a shooter it was a good game, but the "Original style" Resident evil fans didn't like it so much well not as a resident evil game anyway.

Pretty much, but after RE4 i accepted RE fate and kept and open mind for RE5 and i ended up liking it alot

Wesker alone made it really good xD

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It was a solid game, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Glad to know some other people did too :)


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ameratsu said:

I had a lot of fun playing through it with a friend. We were making fun of how ridiculous the game was a lot of the time, but it's good for a playthrough or two.

I think some of the detractors tried to play by themselves and got frustrated with the AI (mistake), or simply didn't like that RE basically became just another shooter. I personally could have done without the Gears of Evil sections near the end when you encounter the zombies with guns. That said, the Volcano scene with Wesker was one of the most lol-inducing finales ever. Boulder punching? Check. Nonsense QTEs? Check. Overall I enjoyed it though.

The boulder punching was hilarious, but I thought the funniest part was when Sheva and Chris dive under the closing door and cross over each other.  It's such an awe-inducing scene that the developer decided to show it twice from different angles.

I thought the game was tons of fun though, especially co-op.  I would love to see a more traditional Resident Evil game with real zombies, limited ammo and co-op.  Like Resident Evil Outbreak with good controls, and better online interaction (voice chat).

Well im a long term Resident Evil Fan and i think Resi 5 was better then 4....
It couldn't keep using the same controlls forever ya know, people where getting tiered of the tank controll system..

I enjoyed it. A step in a different direction for the series and a little too much gun-play to top past titles, but a fun and good looking game, nonetheless.


it was an good game but not as good as RE4, nothing can come close to the badassness known as Leon Kennedy lol

I played both games within a year of each other for the first time and I have to say that RE4(Wii Edition at any rate) is the overall better game for single person play than RE5. RE5 can be INCREDIBLY entertaining when playing with a friend offline or online. I just don't feel either games are worth a 9 though due to their tank controls and other gameplay designs that are counter-intuitive. RE4 may have been a revolution in '05 but in 09/10 it's archaic.

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