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Severance said:
Salad doesn't work, i'm still dumb.

lol :D

I know what you mean...

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I like how the study left off the 19% improvement in Mathematics that both the pen and paper group and DS group experienced. It may not make you smarter... But it sure as hell doesn't make you dumber.

I'm sorry but this was stupid research and came to a pointless conclusion, eat salad. That's what makes a brain fit. No!

Reading is and always will be the secret to improve the functions of a person's brain. See, I could have saved Cambridge time and wasted energy. But they did not call me which is sad. I guess I should send all the researchers a book and a Library card with "Try this " written on it. But they'll probably be too busy eating their salads to read the books that I sent them. I think I should go over and see what Salad creations they've concocted. They may not improve the fitness of my brain but they may taste good.

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Games4Fun said:
Why not eat a salad as you play the game? =)

Or go for a walk while playing :)

What a horrible conclusion they reached - eat a salad? Seriously? That's what vegetarians do - quite likely the dumbest people I know - they don't eat meat voluntarily.

Note: This was said in jest - I didn't mean to offend vegetarians.

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Forget cambridge - go to your local community college instead  ;)

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All the brain training commercials I've seen only show people looking deeply at whatever they were doing as well as having fun.

I don't see where someone in a Nintendo commercial picks up a DS pops in Brain Training and then graduates from Oxford to end up rewriting the dictionary in 5 different languages.

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It's actually excellent for older people / retired people who don't use their brain as much as they used to.

Keeping your brain thinking will keep you sharp at old age, your brain is like a muscle, if you don't use it, it will get weak.

Eating a salad will not help this, sorry.

Play a fun game, (and while I love racers... Brain Training > Mario Kart DS)
or have a salad.

I think i'll do both thanks.

KingKold said:
Severance said:
Salad doesn't work, i'm still dumb.

lol :D

I know what you mean...

what do you mean?

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