Do you think Alan Wake will have the best graphics overall at its time?

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Do you think Alan Wake will have the best graphics overall at its time?

Yes 90 26.01%
No 256 73.99%
flacomeza said:
d21lewis said:
You want some VG$ huh, new guy. Has there ever been a time in the history of video games that people could agree which game looked the best? When I was playing Gears of War, there were people (stupid people, of course) who thought Resident Evil 4 looked better. What looks good is subjective. Combine that with console bias, alcohol, and differing art styles, and what you get is......I'm estimating....211 posts of screen shots, bickering, and console bashing. And for what? To see which character has visible dirt in their fingernails?

What's more important is whether or not Alan Wake is going to be a good game for its audience. In that respect, I hope the answer is yes.

Enjoy your "debate".

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Its funny, but almost all the people in the thread said something related to the topic, even though I know its a difficult, if not impossible, question to answer. Its obviuos that graphics are very subjective, but as a whole you can still measure if a game its one of the best or not.

Now, I think its a pretty simple question to answer. Do you think its going to be the best? Thats exactly what I need, a subjective answer.

Still, you being the one with the more posts, treat me ironically as the new guy, "debate".

Is there a point of doing a top 10 best videogames chart then, since we all have different opinions? In the end, you can average opinions, and thats what matters.


My mind is blown.  In the past, even a thread title "Which Game Rhymes With "Talon Bake"" would end up in a flame war against Alan Wake.  This thread reaked of an attempt at recreating that madness.  I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you have good intentions.  We were all the "new guy", once.

Enjoy your debate (no quote marks, this time).

*leaves thread to drink some lemonade.*

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I am probably the biggest Alan Wake fan on earth and I hate this stupid discussion about the graphics. The game offers so much more than just graphics. Sure it looks great, but Alan Wake seems to be much more than eye candy. The story, the atmosphere, the awesome idea behind this game etc etc. It seems like people are so focused on the graphics that they forget that this an awesome game as well.

I don't want this game to be limited to the visuals. Enjoy the game as a whole.

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I think so voted yes. even if it isn't i am counting on the story it looks very exciting i ussaully try to prolong games but i dont think i will be able to wait at a cliffhanger in this gmae probably finish it first time with little manuscripts and then restart and find all manuscripts and then play again with dub and after playing on every dub i mess around and try shooting alice in the face if possible and barry.



when it comes to graphics it doesnt impress me, not today , tomorrow or even when this miserable planet is about to end. however when iam impress is how the open world is design thats that.

Hell to the no!  It looks nice, but It's gonna take a hell of a game to beat GOWIII in that department.  Also there's HR and FFXIII. 

I doubt GOWIII will be topped graphicaly untill Crysis 2 or GT5 (but it's hard to compare a racing game to other genres graphicaly)

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Clearly visible polygons on characters = bad graphics.

I can't remember the last current generation game where I looked at screenshots and polygons on characters stuck out more than Naked Snake wearing fire camo in a forested area.

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It's a very good looking game. I think I'd need to see more footage to decide.

I think the animations and character models in other games look better, but then the environments in AW are very impressive. Could be a toss up of what you prefer at the end.

We've seen only a dozen or so videos at the moment, all of which contain a few small moments of genuinely impressive visuals. If the whole game looks as good, and has more of those moments, without major problems such as screen tearing etc. It may well be a contender.

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There's just no way the graphics will be better than Shadow of the Colossus!

No. Way.


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Killergran said:
There's just no way the graphics will be better than Shadow of the Colossus!

No. Way.


if they ever did that, then that will be the day we are able to turn water to wine

Bad thread considering the last one that got derailed to this.

Alan wake isn't near the best graphics, but it hides many flaws well, such as lots of polys covered with nice texture and all the attention to detail built into textures rather than actual models. Things all seem a bit stiff as well compared to many new games.

Personally I think even Batman: AA, FFXIII and MW2 still trump Alan Wake from the videos I've seen so far.

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