What game had the best story of all time?

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final fantasy x, xenogears, final fantasy viii

my top 5 right now. 1. uncharted 2 2. assassin's creed 2 3. god of war 3 4. final fantasy xiii 5. blue dragon: awakened shadow.

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KungKras said:
okr said:
Grim Fandango



Definately Grim Fandango.

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Oh, right.

I haven't played most of Schafer's best, but Psychonauts has a special (permanent) place in my heart. The man really does get game narratives.

Khuutra said:
Mummelmann said:
Betrayal at Krondor, easily.

I think that's on GOG now. Is it worth grabbing?

Without a doubt! It is still probably the best game I've ever played with the best story I've ever come across in a game and mechanics and ideas that were lightyears ahead of its time. Go go go! I still play it at least once every year.

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any Super Mario game. you know, princess gets kidnapped, Mario goes through hell and back, beats bowser, saves princess. Classic!

or pac-man if you want to get really complex.

Uberkiffer said:
The Mass Effect story line is my fav.

I can't say anything about Mass Effect until the third one. The ending is the most important part of the story. Mess that up, and you have yourself a Godfather III.

Metal Gear Solid as a series.

Final Fantasy VII as a single entry.

Star Wars KOTOR or Mass Effect. Honourable mentions for Planescape Torment, System Shock 2 & FFVII.


Madden NFL 2004.

It just had such a strong narrative.