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When the reviews start to pile in for this game and it gets the 7's, 8's and maybe a a few 9's sprinkled in all of thse people proclaiming alan wake to be the 360 savior will perish into obscurity.

The 360 doesnt need a savior. That would imply it needs saving. It has alot of great games. And while I agree that reviewers will be very hard on the gameplay. It will end up around the score of Heavy Rain. Of course I'm hoping for 90+ though.

I think it will have better reviews than HR since a lot of reviewers just did not like the gameplay, but Alan Wake should be more easy to like, and the 360 exclusives get better scores anyway.

Maybe thats because the reviewers feel they deserve better scores?

Pretty much cause every game is a bloody FPS? lol

Alan wake is probably the only game that diverse itself from other games in a while

PS3 library has more variety

Oh wow, really .. we're back to that again. I though Squalliam or whoever proved Sony has more shooters this gen (in their top 10/20)...

Forza / GT

Alan Wake / Heavy Rain?

Viva Pinata/Banjo/Rare / Ratchet/LBP

Natal / Move

Splinter Cell / MGS

Gears / ?

GOW / ?

Resistance/Killzone / Halo/Left 4 Dead

Don't make out the Xbox is just a shooterbox, that argument is lame.

360 and ps3 are almost equally bad and filled with a ton of shooters, 360 just wins in the number of shooters category, almost all the games out this year that are supposedly big budget on the 360 exclusives so far that we know of are, shooters, that's something you can't deny seece, but I don't find that to be a bad thing since people love shooters according to sales. so instead of taking it as an insult or critisim, I'd say that's the 360's strength. either way, I don't believe people ever said this game was going to be bad, people are just too hyped about graphics nowadays, which I personally don't understand since you wouldn't be on a console if you wanted the best, but the trend will continue, and is very laughable.

what about Fable 3?~~

I said almost, not all =) I know my way with words lol.

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Damn, it's only "Really Unbelievably Good!"

I wanted it to be "Really Unbelievably Great!!!"

All hope is lost

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I guess it's a sign that I've had it with this forum when I jump at the first person that derails a thread that I read in it today. It's pretty much impossible to have a decent discussion here without the trolls and idiots shitting all over it (well except for the Nintendo forum which does have a few interesting threads).

I'll try to limit my time here and stick to the more serious forums I'm on (oddly enough none of them have the same problem as this forum or video game forums in general). The only other video game forum I go to is NeoGAF and even it has been getting steadily worse for the last two years.

was that an apology?

We all know garnett is bi curious. He gets tempted seeing the big black PS3 playing colorful games with tons of actions. Don't judge him, forgive him.

I think the right word is Trey curious



djs said:
Well, "really unbelievably good" is a bit subjective don't you think?

So is every opinion about anything, ever, fyi.

The important thing about this particular opinion is that it is one of the first opinions from a recognized reviewer to be released about the game, and it is overwhelmingly positive.

I don't need your console war.
It feeds the rich while it buries the poor.
You're power hungry, spinnin' stories, and bein' graphics whores.
I don't need your console war.


kinda ... ... ... unbelievably good, right ?


Time to Work !

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Oh my god, I just want this game to come out already.. and end over FLAMING threads


leo-j said:
Oh my god, I just want this game to come out already.. and end over FLAMING threads

Doubt that will happen.


On an unrelated note I think this is one of those games to buy a 360 for...looks good. 

djs said:
Well, "really unbelievably good" is a bit subjective don't you think?

There is no objective way to measure the quality of a game.

Alan Wake will be unbelievably good!!!

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My thread ;-;

Hopefully things will go a bit smoother now that certain people are unable to post.  If you want, you can make a new thread for a fresh start.  Just PM me and I'll lock this one.

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How many post until this thread gets a

"Uncharted 2, GoW3, PS3 exclusive is better because tha totally awesome levels and unmatched graphics even though they look the same"

OT-Im glad its good.

It only took two posts...

i don't see where that is? can someone tell me where this post that says something about PS3 exclusives?

He was referring to Garnett's post.