What will the Ps4 have that the Ps3 doesn't?

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I can see the launch of the ps4.

"It only does everything, but now even more!"


EDIT: Dem was  beaten to this.

May the adjustments be with you

I feel a disturbance in the sales

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ShadowSnake said:
freebs2 said:
A Vagina?^^

lol you should probably start searching elsewhere...you know, just in case they don't put one in

Yes I do, don't worry.^^....but that would assure the shift of the Dead Of Alive series from xbox720 to ps4.

Built in Camera.
Launch Games.
1080p graphics as standard with 8xAA and full FX suite.
Photo reaistic graphics on all but human faces.
Holographic Disc technology.

Duh! It only does everything. Haven't you seen the commercials?

3 x HDMI ports

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PS4 wont be a console :D it will be a set top box where everything is handled in the "cloud" and streamed.

well if you believe the likes of Wada it will be...

Sentience, and the Ps4 will play you.

Love Mir Forever!!
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It will continue Sony's dominance on console market of course.

Netyaroze said:
Jay520 said:
phxprovost said:
Jay520 said:

The Ps3 does a lot of stuff already which got me wondering what the Ps4 will actually do better. All I can think of is improved graphics if its possible.

what do you mean "if its possible"? is that some kind of fan boy speak right there?  Of course its possible, even the highest end gamming pc's are only displaying 1/1000000th of where graphics could be at

OT: Given the downward spiral of ps3's feature set, who cares what the ps4 starts with, show me what it has 4 years after its been out

yea it was fanboy speaking


Maybe not.


maybe he meant it differently:


I remember back in the DC and PS2 launch time I always thought ok thats it graphics will reach a plateau for a while and I thought the improvment will be not as significant anymore.


Ofcourse I was quickly used to the better graphics and after one year or so I wasnt impressed anymore. 


Similar thing happened with HD consoles for a short time I thought damn how can they improve those graphics there isnt much more room left this time for sure. My friends also thought like that (and some still think improvment wont be that significant). I am talking about gen type improvments PS1 to PS2 to PS3. PC still hasnt reached a graphic level that makes HD consoles look like last gen even though I hope there will be such a game pretty soon. After watching hours of HD graphics I see more and more problems. I see a lot of room for improvment on all levels that I can easily imagine a similar jump like the jump between PS1 and PS2 or PS2 and PS3. 


I could name a million things which could be done better. More objects better animations better textures sharper textures. way better AA.

And changing the videogame worlds forever. For example if you make a Racing game on the ground could be thousends animated stones influencing the tires those stones could destroy accidently the windshield of the player behind you. Or grass every single plant could be animated and acting differently in the wind. Also grass always stands in games I have never seen that you were able to see some footprints in grass disappearing after a while. Also surfaces and objects are way too simple for my taste. They could be made differently for example completly out of voxels a wall (all objects) could be destroyed in millions of parts. Programmers would be able to transport their visions without losses in the videogames.  

I see more limitations in graphics then ever before. textures are always flat. Surfaces could be 3d also the lighing could be really dynamic and so on. The graphical improvments could be extreme between PS4 and PS3. If this gen goes longer then usual the improvment could be even bigger then the last improvments. And hopefully the industry will grow and developers can spend more money on game design. There is a picture which was handled as crysis 2 picture it was fake but games should look like that next gen or maybe the nextgen after nextgen (hopefully):








at first I got sad and thought you were serious...........................................but then I saw the pic, LOL good one dude.

You are the controller- literally!!! You get sucked into the ps4 and become the main character of the story! Physically running around, hiding behind walls climbing, jumping and all sorts!! But shown how the ps3 is only really picking up momentum with lots of improvents now (4 years later), pain and death will only be removed 4 years after the launch... :D