ATI ships 6 million DX11 cards

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Very impressive, that's in about 6 months or so, from near the end of last September. Looks like, yet again, the rumours of PC gaming dying have been grossly exaggerated.

As I said at our analyst event back in November, our priorities this year are to deliver compelling platforms, increase access to customer demand and transform our buiness model.

In the first quarter of this year, we made good progress on each of these priorities, and an improving global economic environment, we delivered record first quarter revenue coupled with good operating performance.

Our platform execution continued to be solid across the board, with key new products transitions initiated in each of our main businesses. In graphics, we shipped a total over six million DX enables units to date, and expanded the family into the mainstream and value segments.

In addition, we unveiled the industry’s first DX 11 products for notebooks where we continue to grow share. Demand for all of our DX 11 products is very healthy and continues to outpace supply.


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I predict that the Wii U will sell a total of 18 million units in its lifetime. 

The NX will be a 900p machine

Nice! Thats a pretty respectable tally and thats with being supply constrained...


Just a shame that nVidia seem to have dropped the ball- a bit of competition would see the 5850 fall below £200, which would be perfect.

hmmm, if only it were cheaper. I would fun out and buy it right now...and i'm not a PC gamer, just a performance junkie.

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wHY NvIDIA ISN´T WITH dX11 cards?? $$ Problems or complex archtecture?

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kibebr said:
wHY NvIDIA ISN´T WITH dX11 cards?? $$ Problems or complex archtecture?

This is Nvidias DX11 cards. Too complex, too hot, poor performance per $$. People don't even mention them.



What is the performance per $$ ratio? Because I mean. I can play every game near max with a GTS 250

In pretty well every market segment, ATi rapes Nvidia in terms of performance per dollar. >_>


Yes, that article was written before the GTX 470/480 were released, but they don't really bring much to the table anyhow.

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