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  Your PS3 is old. Kratos didnt break your PS3. You might have alot of dust bunnys in it. I have a Fat PS3 for about a year and a half and it runs fine played GOW3 about 3 time now and the PS3 never skips a beat. Just contact sony and pay the $150 repair bill. Or buy a slim PS3.

isn't it ironic that you call a 3 year old console old when it's on a 10 years plan???

hmmm.. A PC fanboy eh ? That`s strange... I don`t really know what to do with you.... Your kind is so rare... hmm..

Yeah... well... well.. You have to update your video card every 2 to 3 years

HA! I win

that actually was funny.


but I didn't mean to flame, I pointed out that "your console is old" is just not a good reason for it to fail cause it's in fact not old at all.

PS3 failure rate is only 8% and after such a short lifetime, this can't make you expect it will fail on you any time soon.

haha yea I kinda realized you weren't flaming after reading your post again, I decided to leave my post cuz I thought it was kind funny too After all, I'm a PC gamer as well myself... And I've been told I wasted my money on an Alienware... Oh well, whatcha gonna do

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My 60 gig did the same thing. I wouldnt call Sony they will charge you $150. Your warranty is out so you won't hurt anything by trying to fix it yourself. I used this guy's guide and it worked perfect. Looks intimidating but it works.


If you have important stuff on your hard drive likes pictures, videos, etc; you're gonna need to do this fix cause you can't put your hard drive in another system and access your files, it's gonna want to format the drive. I did this fix and my system worked a couple months until a couple days of Uncharted 2 caused it to happen again. I did the fix again and got my system working again, but ultimately I bought a slim model cause they're only $300, far cry from the $600 I paid for my 60 gig. I would recommend doing the fix to access your hard drive; save your game saves, pictures, and videos to a thumb or external drive.  Then just buy a slim model and store your old 60 gig as a large ps2. Ultimately though I believe once the ps2 is off the market Sony will have a firmware patch for all ps3 models to play ps2 games. Goodluck!!!!

Get an upgrade to the slim =)


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hmmm....hope I don't jinx myself, but I have a 60gb PS3 and it was able to handle the epicness of GoW3!

arcane_chaos said:
hmmm....hope I don't jinx myself, but I have a 60gb PS3 and it was able to handle the epicness of GoW3!

I have played through it and beat it along with the challange of the gods....It died soon after. Point being get rid of it as the YLOD is inevitable. Why you ask? Early PS3s used a "cheap" form of solder.

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Kainxxx2000 said:
Well i wish you the best of luck heedstone. I hate to see people investment go YLOD or RROD. Been wanting to change out my 80 HHD with a 500gig HDD for a while now but would hater to lose my save game files for Bayonetta damn lock saves! ( I know Bayonetta looks better on the 360 but old 360 got a e74 error got the game before i got a new 360 lol)

You can transfer your locked saves, but it may take a while.  I managed to fix my YLOD on my PS3 using Gilksy's meathod (http://www.psx-scene.com/forums/showthread.php?t=62509), who sounds an awfull lot like Mr Orange from Resevoir Dogs!

Anyway, I fixed my PS3 and bought a new 250GB Slim, and used the data transfer option in the system settings folder.  It took a while (about 4 hrs to transfer 40GB), but it transfered ALL my files (including locked saves and DLC).  And all I had to do after that was log on with my new PS3 and get my trophy info from the PSN server.

So in theory you could transfer your data from your existing HDD to another PS3 temporarily, change out the HDD for the 500GB one, then transfer it back again.

However there are a few drawbacks:

The PS3 HDD that recieves the data is formatted before transfering data, so any info on that drive will be lost.

It will take a long time, about  1 hr per 10GB

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