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CGI-Quality said:
coolbeans said:
Worst or most disappointing? Godfather II would be the absolute worst I've played. My personal disappointment was Splinter Cell: DA, still a great game though but hardly lived up to CT, MP having a 3v3 SpyvMercs seems to have the only major improvement.

Hmmm......I didn't really consider this. That's two different meanings. The one's I mentioned are indeed my disappointments and that's strictly it. They aren't "the worst" sequels per se.

Exactly.  Although most (if not all) understand when you're (or others) listing the HUGE sequels that you'd mean they just didn't live up to what you expected, they could still be good/great games but......simply put they just don't hold up iyo.  Just wanted to clarify what TC meant though. 

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Most Disappointing sequels this gen:-

1- Final Fantsay XIII
2- Grand Theft Auto IV
3- Resident Evil 5
4- Street Fighter IV
5- Ninja Gaiden IV
6- Tekken 6
7- SoulCalibur IV
8- Gears of War 2

Most disappointing, now that's a different beast. I would have to go with MGS4 then, I feel that the story got out of control and overran the dated and lack of gameplay. I did like the game though, but MGS1 is still the best!

Animal Crossing: City Folk - I gave this game a lot of chances but it just simply wasn't nearly as fun as the DS iteration.

GTAIV - It was good for what it was I guess. Nothing in comparison to Vice City or San Andreas imo though.

There's more but those are my two main disappointments of this generation in all honesty....

Worst has to be Gears 2 most disappointing was RE5 even though overall its still a good game.

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Prince of Persia, FF13 or RE5... Though choice...

I'll say FF13

Resistance 2

My vote for worst sequel goes to Resistance 2
Resident evil was bad too, but not as bad

and I really don't understand all of the MW2 hate.
I fully disagree with every negative point about that game.
sure, the story might be a bit macho or lame in parts, but most fps's are. The multiplayer is what it is. It just so happens to be the most popular game in a long time, it is more arcadey/ camping then Battlefield but that is just its style. And it is a lot of fun.
People... you don't always have to be an anti-conformist. Things are popular for a reason!

( and i just answere the question the same way the op did, i guess he meant most dissapointing)

̶3̶R̶D̶   2ND! Place has never been so sweet.

Fable 2 - Yeh it was semi fun but no where near as groundbreaking for me as the first one....

MGS...nnah just joking.

Honestly RE5.