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There have been a thread or two about the best sequels, now lets discuss the worst.  I chose not to make this an actual poll so there would not be a limit to the games to choose from.

My big disappointments were Resistance 2 and MW2.  I did enjoy R2's co-op and the game as a whole was OK but it lost a lot of what made RFoM one of my favorite games.  MW2 IMO is total garbage.  Petheticly short campaign, poorly synced online, even the co-op seemed thrown in at the last second. So my vote goes to MW2.

I will try to keep updating with results.

RE5: 10
R2: 8
GTA4: 7
Gears 2: 6
MW2: 6
Ninja Gaiden 2: 3
FEAR 2: 3
Tales of Symphonia: 3
Soul Caliber 4: 2

Will update again later.

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F.E.A.R. 2 wasn't that bad, it just wasn't close to being better than the first.

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from a single player point of view, Resistance 1 was far greater than Resistance 2, can't really think of any others at the mo.


I definitely think Modern Warfare 2 was the biggest bastardization.

killzone 2, I was expecting more gameplay


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Kenoid said:
killzone 2, I was expecting more gameplay

do you actually think the 1st killzone is better than the 2nd?

Resistance 2 was definately disappointing, not a bad game in itself but it wasn't as enjoyable as R1. Modern Warfare 2 was also very average compared to the first.

Does Final Fantasy count? Not a sequel I know but I felt it was a step backwards this gen in terms of the franchise.

Alone in the Dark, i was very very looking forward to it, but while i enjoyed it , and the soundtrack is one of the best , the script and ending is way too retarded

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Prince of Persia and Final Fantasy XIII are definitely my biggest disappointments this gen.

F.E.A.R. 2

A good game, but the first one was so much better.

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