What MMOGs have you played for more than a month?

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Curiosity struck, so this is just a general inquiry as to what Massive Multiplayer Online Games people here have played in excess of one month.

I will start with the MMOGs I have tried for over 1 month. (I actually haven't been playing any games as of late...maybe I am finally getting old and boring... :/ )


-Ragnarok Online




-World of Warcraft

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Ragnarok Online - something like 4 years.
WoW - 2 months. I basically tried it when a lot of my RO friends quit for WoW, didn't like it though.

Asherons Call 3years or so

World of Warcraft over 4 years

That is it I tend to play one for a long time before I move on. I still log on WOW not and then to chat up some friends.

World of Warcraft since launch day.

I used to play EQ for 16 +- 2hrs a day 7 days a week for about 2 years, was a raid leader in a (at the time) fairly high end raiding guild.

UO also at the same time once in a while, and MXO
But yeah EQ from 2001 or so till 2004 like fuckin everyday all day.
KB says its ok to put raid leader exp on my resume though

EQ - 84 mnk 77 BL 70 cleric 70 zerk 60 wiz 55 sham 45 cleric

UO - 7x tamer, 6x fencermage blah blah fuck all my toons were red when I quit anyway

MXO level 25 kung fu


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Star Wars Galaxies before the WOW update


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World of Warcraft for around 20 months and R.O.S.E. for about 2 months, Silkroad Online for about a month (or very close to).

No MMO simply comes even close to the flawless formula that WoW has...I even remember my whole lay out and several moments killing high end raid bosses in TBC expansion...and its been literally over 2 and a half years since I haven't touched the game.

I'm looking forward to FF IV online...I haven't played a MMO since WoW or any GOOD JRPG/WRPG (except Dragon Age:Origins) so its been dry from my perspective

I played Ragnarok Online since its 'Alpha' Launch all the way till almost a year after its official Release. But constantly doing the same thing got boring and the grinding got longer and longer. I even picked the game back up about 2 years later trying to see if they had improved the level rates and classes, only to find the game had gotten even worse with LONGER level requirements and had the same exact classes with just 'secondary' classes added to them.

I played Phantasy Star Online Episodes I&II for GameCube from its launch for about 3 months until I got bored of doing the same levels over and over. Still is the best MMO I have played to this day, but lacked fresh content and updates.

I played Star Wars Galaxies for about 3 months, but even after trying to create two separate characters, I found myself getting nowhere in a vast galaxy of barren planets and broken quests masked as 'Star Wars'. In the end, I quit the game simply because half the time, I couldn't even accomplish what they wanted me to.

I am throughly hoping Old Republic will be able to fix what all these MMORPGs had problems with. Because I'm actually looking forward to that game. But I've been burned by the MMO genre many times before and have been distancing myself from it for many years, including keeping myself from playing WoW all this time. So if Old Republic turns out to be just another WoW clone or another excuse to have tons of people search for 'gear' and 'grind', I'm pretty much giving up on the MMO scene forever.

Six upcoming games you should look into:



World of Warcraft
Everquest Online Adventure
Everquest 2
Anarchy Online
Star Trek Online-playing currently
DnD Online
Silk Road
Ragnarok Online

There are more but Ill stop here :) Needless to say, I love me some MMOs

I've played:

Everquest, Everquest 2, and WoW. Really only got into WoW because all my friends who I played EQ2 with bailed on me and started to play WoW.