What Would Killzone 3 Need to Have to Generate Massive Sales?

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Not having R3 releasing just a few months before it.

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nightsurge said:
BW_JP said:
it needs to become popular with the pre-teen to teen children, as well as gangsters, bros and other degenerates.

Then it will sell as well as Halo/Cod.

If they paid activision to call it "Call of Duty: Killzone 3" It would sell 10million. doesnt matter if it was exactly the same game as it was before, these games sell on name not content.

That's a bit harsh.  And only partially true.  Each Halo game introduced tons of new features and aspects.  They sold because they were quality titles with endless hours of replay value and multiplayer.  CoD games are more fitting to what you described.  Mostly just new weapons and maps but the same game with not much added features.

lol every halo is the same as the last. infact they keep getting worse IMO. the best story was the 1st and the best multiplayer wa part 2. but honestly every halo is exactly the same

while when it comes to call of duty they add different stuff every game like COD:WAW they added nazi zombies and COD:MW2 they added the mecenaries mode. so yeah do your research next time lol no offence.

the only different halo first person shooter is HALO: ODST which has fire fight.

the killzone brand name wont make it sell better, sure sequel will be better killzone 2 was a stunning game, but the brand is just a normal ish type.

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Boo! I like the Killzone 2 controls. It requires learning curve but the latter is inevitable which is sad.

Make customizable controls so all COD-fanboys stop crying :)

May the adjustments be with you

I feel a disturbance in the sales

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Having Bungie develope the game for them =)

massive sales can lick my balls, massive sales means massive casuals, massive casuals means shitty ass noob dumb downed gameplay, which means shitty ass noob dumbed down multiplayer, which means crap killzone game. I don't want to see killzone suffer the same fate as killzone 2 and battlefield bad company 2 (aka battlefield for dummies), c'mon casuals you destroyed every single hardcore shooter out there, let us have killzone, play crysis instead *Please!!!*

game is well was perfect, loved the hardcore gameplay, hardcore multiplayer, clan support unmatched by any game, player hosted ded. servers, and the graphics were iceing on the cake, that add new maps, guns etc, but keep killzone just the way it is (not a massive seller) 1 million will be all it will need and 1 million is what it shall have.

don't go for mass market appeal please GG.


Add online/offline co-op and tweak the controls a bit. If they used post-patch multiplayer controls from KZ2 in both singleplayer and multiplayer, they could probably get by, but decreasing the lag ever so slightly. Advertise it more than the last one on top of that and it should do fine. Improving the story would also be nice, but given what franchises like Gears of War and Call of Duty can get away with, its obviously not necessary. Of course, a gripping narrative can certainly make up for weaknesses in other areas. Games like Half-life and Uncharted don't sell well just because of the gameplay.

All I know is expect to see much improved marketing this time around. Look at Uncharted 2's sales given its improved marketing and better release window (post-slim). Granted, Uncharted 2 is one of the best games in years, but I believe they have similar plans to turn Killzone into one of their bigger franchises through a more elaborate advertising campaign.

I honestly think with Killzone 2 they were first trying to legitimize the franchise with hardcore gamers, hence the focus on trade shows as opposed to more mainstream marketing (just look at the E307 reveal), and with Killzone 3 they'll try to make the franchise reach bigger audiences, knowing they already have hardcore gamers on their side (something they didn't have with Killzone 1).

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Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:


I dont understand all the complaining about the controls, you can chance them to basically the same controls as COD (except R2 is to crouch because there are no secondary grenades in KZ2) This is not COD, its KZ if i want to play COD i will put that pile of crap broken game in my PS3.