What 360 game are you most excited for

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What 360 game are you most excited for

Gears of War 3 26 34.21%
Halo: Reach 28 36.84%
Fable 3 10 13.16%
Splinter Cell Conviction 3 3.95%
Anything Natal 5 6.58%
Fuck games, I want a dashboard update 4 5.26%

Of that list I would say Fable III, though I refuse to get my hopes up at all for that game since I refuse to buy into anything out of Molyneaux's mouth.

If I can count things off that list, I would say Alan Wake.

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I want Natal....

Halo: Reach by a huge huge margin.  Its gonna be the best game this year for sure.

Alan Wake for sure, then Halo: REach, then Gears 3. Not because I'm more excited for any one of those, but because that's the order they're coming out in.

2010 is great year to be 360 owner even if you're not obsesed with multiplayerfest games.
my top 360 games would be
1. Kingdom Under Fire 2
2. Alan Wake
3. Darkstar One(sad that there's no love on vgchartz for space opera and space sims even after success of Mass Effect series)
4. Crackdown 2
5. Fear 3
6. Vanquish
7. Crysis 2
8. Mafia 2
9. Ninety-Nine Nights 2
10. Test Drive Unlimited 2

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Why doesn't anyone care about Alpha Protocol? Obsidian makes awesome games.

For me Halo Reach and Gears 3 are tied. Both games look to be incredible. Honestly the 360 is looking sooooooo strong right now in terms of software coming up.

Gears 3, baby! I'm gonna convince my friend to have a Gears marathon with me when the third one releases

Atm, easily ALAN WAKE. If Gears 3 was a 2010 title, it MIGHT be different. But I've been waiting on WAKE for a long time. Since it isn't an option though, Gears 3 will suffice.


KOTOR 3..............oh you bet it's happening :D.

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