That's a first: Fable III to allow Co-op sex

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Fable III will allow you to 'get intimate' and have children with your co-op partner.

That's one of the juicy details to have come out of the OXM cover preview of Fable III, which has gone on sale today.

"The team seems committed to ensuring the [co-op] experience is in no way compromised," writes Mike Channell. "You'll be able to enjoy, ahem, intimate moments with your co-op friend and eventually produce offspring together."

For more details on co-op, Natal, ruling Albion as King and Queen and the other changes Lionhead has made, pick up the new issue of OXM, on sale today!



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Will it be Natal compatible?

Asmo said:

Will it be Natal compatible?

So little kids can have sex with each other.... if this was in a GTA game people would go nuts and the game would get banned

Gimmick and free publicity?

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Is it a confirmed 2010 release?

So, you can't play this with your buddy, eh?

I am pretty sure there already is such a thing as co-op sex.

so if you play online you better wear a condom lots of freaks out there

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Asmo said:

Will it be Natal compatible?

Dude that was fricken hilarious.

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