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We all know Nintendo is getting into the habbit of releasing new versions of Pokemon games a couple handheld generations later. Leaf Green/Fire Red for example. So 10 years from now, on the successor to the 3DS, what will Black and White be released as?

Milk White
Coffee Black

Snow White (Disney might not like that)
Oil Black

Bush White (Maybe not a good idea)
Obama Black   ^


So what's your guess?
And keep your guesses TASTEFULLY offensive!

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Quartz and Obsidian

raven black
dove white ;)

Words Of Wisdom said:

Quartz and Obsidian

Thread over.

Salt and Pepper
Day and Night
Sun and Moon
Ketchup and Mustard
Fork and Spoon

....so many to choose form still. :P

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black dark
white light


    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

Shadow Black, Light White or something that is similarly elementally compelling.

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Anything but Ebony and Ivory. *shudders*

Pussy Cat White

Wiener Black