Ever purchase a game SO BAD that you couldn't finish it?

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Ever purchase a game SO BAD that you couldn't finish it?

If YES, explain: 188 89.95%
Nope. 21 10.05%

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GTA4 and Dead Space Extraction, two horrible and over rated games that I couldnt be arsed with.

I submit my game collection and rest my case. I get bored easily and have poor judgment when craving new game.

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Driver Parallel Lines - That game is aweful

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Alone in the Dark - Another terrible game I bought.

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Dynasty Warrior: Gundam 2. It's just pointless repetition over and over again.

Plenty. Some notable ones:

Zelda TP (Wii)
Okami (Wii)
Zack & Wiki (Wii)

Mind you, they are not bad games per se. However, at some point in some situation they all annoyed me with bad game play mechanics so that I stopped playing them and never returned.

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Prince of Persia for PS3. My god that game is awful.

jsut 2

fallout 3 and heavenly sword

fallout 3.... the close combat sucked... the guns felt weak and i just felt like the game wasnt going anywhere and i wasnt about to use vats i came in looking for a game more along the lines of borderlands and when borderlands came out i bought it and got what i wanted :D

heavenly sword... hated the main character and the combat felt unresponsive there was just nothing to keep me finishing the game... the story didnt catch me i didnt like the combat the main character i hated and it was a short game i would probly never play again anyway with no trophies and there was just nothing keeping me into it.

(on a side note i may one day go back and try fallout 3 again as i bought it on steam but i doubt it)

People really beat every game they buy? I never got around to beating the majority of my NES, and SNES games! I usually beat around half the games I buy, but never get around to finishing a good chunk of them! Sometimes it because the games are just plain bad like Little Big Planet and sometimes something new comes along and I just never go back to a game such as I did with Metroid Prime Corruption!