Ever purchase a game SO BAD that you couldn't finish it?

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Ever purchase a game SO BAD that you couldn't finish it?

If YES, explain: 188 89.95%
Nope. 21 10.05%

FF 12 played it for about 1-2hours

Sonic and the Secret Rings played it about an hour

Shadow of the Colossus played it a bit just could not get into it.

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call of juarez

Too many to count. The worst offender for me this gen was probably Motorstorm. And I really like racing games.

Oblivion, Haze, GTA4, Fallout 3, Far Cry 2.

Such terrible games. Well, I occasionally play some gta4 to run over some poor unfortunates, or punt a taxi with my chopper, or do the swing set glitch. But the game still falls into the too bad to beat it category. Haze had some elements of coop splitscreen fun, but how badly the game is made is an epic feat in itself. Oblivion entertained me for a while, the gladiator arena championship was fun, as were some of the dark brotherhood missions. But in the end it was far too boring to continue. Fallout 3 was similar.

Far Cry 2 was terribly bad all round. No redeeming factors.

I have a number of other games that I've bought but barely played, like burnout paradise, DA:Origins, Motorstorm, dark kingdom, sacred 2, Saints row 2. Have the money, just not the time.

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I've purchased good/solid games that I don't finish because something about them wears me down and I quit like...
Prince of Persia 2008
Mirror's Edge
Lost Planet

Games that I think suck and I didn't finish (and sold) would be Oblivion and GTA4.

GTA4 ugh i just found it boring and crap...

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