Why did Gran Turismo 5 bomb?

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Why did it bomb? It's not even out yet.

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lol @ fail posts on this thread.






dobby985 said:
Why did it bomb? It's not even out yet.

Hmm.... I think that was the point.  People have decided to declare games that have been out a few weeks bombs, so I decided to take the logic even further.  Also, look at how people hold on the words of Pachter like they are the final truth, on what he says before it happens, I figured it would make sense.

And, besides the pain of having to read what I write, it looks like I am in the realm of added pain of having to explain why I wrote what I did, so people have to read what I write, on the same subject, a SECOND time.

gustave154 said:
you might as well say GT5 Prologue which sold almost 5 million a bomb too.

NOPE.  That has post-presales numbers.  Gran Turismo 5 hasn't had any.


Mr Khan said:

You just slightly missed the target, hutnik. Unless people misinterpreting the thread is a good thing, then you've been spot on.

Apparently if I go TOO over the top, people find it corny, so I had tried to have a bit of an edge to this.  Like, consider my DOMED thread.  I am told that isn't funny, and didn't work either.  Anyhow, I guess this thread did work, because some who grasp the meta-level are getting a kick out of it.

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dobby985 said:
Why did it bomb? It's not even out yet.



i agree completely. It is such a hassleto read an op before posting.

"But as always, technology refused to be dignity's bitch."--Vance DeGeneres



I never make predictions. Ever. This is the first.

GT5 will have ODST numbers opening week and falter just as quickly (not including later bundles).

Day late, dollar short. That ship has sailed.

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I dont thinnk i have read such a pointless thread.

You make out the game is late yet im still yet to find an official release date...


 assumption is the mother of all f**k ups 

These sarcastic/supposedly funny threads aren't funny anymore.

I agree, a game that is outsold by its demo? Hitting a new low for Sony.