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I think leo-j is crying in a corner.

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Or he's laughing his head off that this thread has managed 11 pages of arguing the obvious.

sigh.. its pretty obvious Crysis is technacly more advanced than any game on a console.. for a fact you can run that game at 60+fps 1080P at VERY HIGH on an amazing gaming rig, and there you go.. its far ahead of any console game..

KZ2 is a better looking game, better textures, better looking environment, etc.. The gun itself seems alot more detailed, but yes CRYSIS is open world, with very realistic graphics, and can be upped to the point that no console can run it at a descent framerate..

but KZ2 is the better looker in my opinion, and in many of those that have both games.. as is U2, GOW III. But Crysis is technicly a much more advanced game..

what did the OP ask again? Which is technicly better, or which looks better?



I'm not going to mention how Killzone 2 fares against Crysis but it certainly is among the best I've seen. Before God of War III & HEAVY RAIN, it was my top game for visuals on consoles.

Of course on a technical level, Crysis is still King.


leo-j; take comfort in the fact that Crysis is still a shitty game however you look at the technical aspects or compare it to other games.

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How would you know?

You have never played KILLZONE 2..

you people UNDERESTIMATE the PS3 GREATLY. I know FOR A FACT none of you have played UNCHARTED 2, KILLZONE 2, or GOD OF WAR III (which kills your argument on scale) all which are almost a generation ahead of ANYTHING released on the closest HD competitor, and I joke you not.

Were is spartan's sig when you need it..

I've played both Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 and will be getting GoW3 once my finals are done on April 21. Check out my PSN ID (PS_MO_D for offline and IIXI Mo D IXII for online). Thanks for showing everyone how deluded you are. It just makes everything you say less credible and everything everyone else says against you seem more credible in comparison.

You didn't refute what he said though, are there any games on the 360 that come even close to those three games? 

(I'm just trying to back him up, everyone else is just on the attack)

Yes Gears 2 and Alan Wake. Why is Uncharted 2 so hyped in the graphics department? I've seen plenty of gameplay in person and I'm not blown away.

Play it.

Also Gears 2 isnt even as good looking as Uncharted 1

Alan Wake has some real bad textures and most of the time we have seen some in engine cut scenes


The PS3 is much better than the 360 graphically (just look at Poseidon in GoW3 or the Herkules fight on youtube) , but still Crysis looks better than Killzone 2.

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