The First in-game shots of Crysis 2 are no where near KZ2

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leo-j said:
DaColdFlash said:
RiksK15 said:
Who cares anyway, when Killzone 3 will be released it will have better graphics than Crysis 1&2 on PC combined!
Crysis (PC) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> KZ3
Crysis 2 PC >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> KZ3 > Crysis 2 (XBOX360,PS§)

So don't worry!


KZ2>Crysis on PC on very high

I dare you to edit my post.

There are opinions and then there are just incorrect statements.

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This is a game that is multiplatform, so u know it will never reach KZ2 status, the only game that can beat killzone 2 is killzone 3. This is kinda funny, for 2 years now no game has beaten killzone 2 LOL

whoever toke that screenshot haven't found a better place to take it other than that big pile of garbage?

garbage looks ugly even if you render it in CGI

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funny how ps3 fans are arguing that killzone 2 looks better than crysis 2 with 2-3 month old screens of Crysis 2 that not only shows nothing but pile of garbage but also comes from old alpha version of the game and still ignore all GDC media that pretty much blown away everything killzone 2 could have. seriously, scripted events of killzone 2 vs realtime events of crysis 2, corridor shooter vs sandbox, dark game with nothing but simple looking warehouses vs rich open environment of new york full of skysrcapers and vegetation.

and we still have statements from all journalists who've seen latest version of the game - Crysis 2 is not the best looking 360 game, is not the best looking ps3 game and is not even best lopking atari 2600 game. it's THE BEST LOOKING CONSOLE GAME. PERIOD. and by the way it was still alpha footage that was shown.

R:FoM looks better than that lol..

Is that real?

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SpartanFX said:



look at his hand and then look at his thumb.... if the gun is a rifle then this guy has amazingly long fingers or am i the only one that sees this ( this isnt really a problem a lot of games do this and i think its funny how it looks i dont know if its realistic or not) 

And then I laugh at everyone in this thread when I see Crysis 2 in Ultra High Settings when released.

Yeah, let's all judge the graphics based on one screen and ignore everything else we've seen.

If any that pic is most likely the console version, but then again Crytek said they had to force cuts from PC version because of consoles so this could be from PC......


Well it's always hard to tell this early and I usually like to wait for video. But going off the pictures, texture wise Crysis 2 looks not so hot. I never really understand why people compare it to KZ2 as it really isn't that graphically impressive. Such as from the screens you can tell how it looks good for textures up close but far away it is pretty bland and unfinished. Character models aren't so great. Although, a good quality of the game, is effects are pretty good.

But for the sake of comparison, C2 doesn't look so hot here. Makes me wonder if this is early alpha. As I stated, I think we are better off waiting til we see first video and something the developers are ready to show off. Early KZ2 also didn't look that good (although still unpolished now) but got better along the way. So let's give it some time.