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Well,I don't like simulation games(The Sims, Animal crossing, harvest moon, Second life, etc), for me they are just a waste of time, I don't consider changes the wall color, put the chairs right beside the table, change clothes, etc PLAYING a videogame, it not even fun for me. So HOME doesn't appeal to me, besides I have a slow internet(like almost every south american) so the lagg is going to be another problem(at least for me). I am sure that HOME will be a successful software, but it will be huge enough?, nobody knows that. Good luck with it PS3 owners.

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Kwaad said:
vanguardian1 said:

Please do tell me what you media content is, last I heard only official media codecs were allowed.

h.264 Main-Profile Level 2.1 ABR 480x272

With AAC audio.




Please. Do. Tell me where you heard that. Because as far as I'm aware you've been able to do video like that on the PSP... since launch, or very near launch.

 Sony has yet to allow full rez videos on the PSP.


You have to use a homebrew solution on a hacked PSP to get anything in 480x272 

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