Looking ahead: May 18th is a crowded day

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iWarMachine said:
Red Dead Redemption for me.

This is a purchase.


Alan Wake will be a good rental though.

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Lost Planet 2 got pushed up to the 11th...

going to be poor but can't wait for these releases

Slightly tempted in the direction of Red Dead Redemption

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A shame I wanted to play Alan Wake day one, but Red Dead looks to badass and original to pass up.

Lost planet two was always a rental for a great coop weekend for me anyways.

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I'm waiting for reviews before I decide between Alan Wake and RDR.

My two most anticipated games are released on the same day! Alan Wake and Red Dead Redemption.

Red Dead Redemption~~~

red dead redemption is too hot

That is certainly crowded, but I am settling for Red Dead Redemption, I am incredibly excited about this game