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This will obviously be a hit. It's going to be the next Brain Training. That game sold what, 45k first week? Maybe the higehr price/need for an accessory is going to hurt it a little, but chances are slim if any of the other balance board games turn out to be worth owning. Really, WiiFit (and SMG) are still going to be selling next Christmas and very likely the Christmas after that. Who cares if it doesn't burn up the charts the first week when it's bound to sell millions in its lifetime?

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It'll be a hit but I just wonder if many of the non-gamers buying it will stick around for the long term.

Legend11 said:
It'll be a hit but I just wonder if many of the non-gamers buying it will stick around for the long term.

 I don't think Nintendo cares that much as long as they get a Wii sold. They can always come back for the same crowd wih Wii Fit 2: Return of Gym Smell or something.


Wii Fit has "Brain Training"-potential and I'm very curious how the first weekends sale will look. Instant hit or long legs? Or a whimper? 


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amazon.jp has it sold out now:
Availability: Usually ships within 1 to 3 weeks. Ships from and sold by Amazon.co.jp. Gift-wrap available.

so yeah I hit seeing the queues shops had also.
And many people seem to have bought a wii/second wii with it.






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great hit...

We are wii...

hanafuda said:

Guitar Hero is innovative?

Guitar Hero is a game?

Please, state your reasons.

As for Guitar Hero missing the mark, there are many reasons, but for now, the primary one will do.

1) WiiScales©

From the consumer point of view:

Only Nintendo offer a control scheme whereby you have to buy two separate items just to have a complete controller. That's right, the 'Mote and the 'Chuck. Now, lots of Wii owners have done this, and have done it several times so that more than one person can play at the same time.

Now, in order to play Nintendo's next big thing, Guitar Hero, guess what? That's right, you have to buy some more peripherals.

Not only do you have to buy it, but you have to put it somewhere.

How do several people enjoy Guitar Hero? Do you take it in turns to jump on the guitar?

Also, what do you do with it once you are bored of Guitar Hero? It's not like you can use it for anything else. What do you do with your investment?

From the retailer point of view:

Anyone that works in retail knows that space for stock is a concern. Anyone that knows Japanese game retailers knows that the vast majority of them are small shops.

For the space one unit of Guitar Hero takes you could stock about 20 standard sized games.

Now, game retailers aren't doing it for charity. The profit on one unit of Guitar Hero isn't going to be much different from the profit on one unit of, say, Mario Galaxy. Now, given the choice between selling 20 copies of Mario Galaxy, and 1 unit of Guitar Hero, which do you think they are going to opt for?



Hm... You're right. Guitar Hero is going to flop 

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Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

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leo-j said:
cool48 said:
--OkeyDokey-- said:
mario will sell between 1 and 2 million. its already halfway there in 3 weeks and the holidays are coming up, plus mario always has great legs.

Aren't we supposed to talk about Wii Fit?

He's comparing it to wii fit. Something tells me in the U.S the only people that will buy wii fit are the hardcore ninty fans.

 Or the fat nintyfanboy Soriku...

It will be a hit.

Japan has never been huge on Mario. SMG's launch wasn't far off of other big Mario launches in the past there -- SM64 and Sunshine, for example.  People comparing it to SMG either like to make comparisons that don't make any sense or know nothing about the market.

Wii Fit will probably 750k by the end of CY07 and be well upwards of 2 million by the end of CY08.

stof said:

Hm... You're right. Guitar Hero is going to flop 

Ha ha.

Guitar Hero II and Drum Maniac 2

Ha ha.



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