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Falcon095 said:
lol.. so.. it can CLEARLY be named a hit right without discussion right?

 I don't know, GTA IV's launch week might outsell Wii Fit's launch week.

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hanafuda said:

So the Famitsu experts reckon that Wii Fit will sell between 1.5 and 2.5 million copies in Japan.

These are the same guys that said Mario Galaxy will sell between 1 and 2 million, and we all know that ain't happening...

So yeah, simple - Hit or Miss?


For various reasons, there is no way this is going to be the beast that Nintendo want it to be.

I think it is going to sell quite well, but more than 1 million? I don't think so.

To be honest, I think it is going to struggle to reach 500,000 by the end of the year, and the 'legs' aren't going to be that good either.





 you just got owned. 

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wow at this rate crows will get extinct

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I'll say it again. Wii Fit will esentially be sold out in North America at least until mid 2009.



Poor WiiFit... hits 2m sales in Japan this week. Ninty must be weeping...

Should get close to 3m by the end of the year.

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lol, man, this is epic ownage after he just posted this thread as well:


If these two posts were within a month of each other, I would actually suggest banning him, lol, cause you know it's gotta be trolling. Worse than Leo-J would ever even attempt.

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Nintendo must really be weeping, if you look at totals for this year in Japan, + December 2007, you see that Wii fit has only sold 1979K, while the total Ps3 software sales, yes everything of it, has sold 1674K.

What a shock for Nintendo! Wii Fit was barely able to defeat the entire Ps3 library, a hard shock for Nintendo.


That is VGChartz LONGEST review. And it's NOT Cute Kitten DS

^erm, according to VGC the PS3s software from w/e 1st December to w/e 3rd May was 2228k.

Admitedly it is not much more than Wii Fit alone but it is more.

TWRoO said:
^erm, according to VGC the PS3s software from w/e 1st December to w/e 3rd May was 2228k.

Admitedly it is not much more than Wii Fit alone but it is more.

 Hah, that makes more sense, since there are only like 2mil ps3s sold, it'd be weird if there was less software sales than hardware sales

Well we are using a set time period, there ae 2 million PS3s sold LTD, but in the 4 months since Wii Fit has been out it could have sold less than the install base if it did really poorly, but it didn't.

LTD software for PS3 is 5.1 million or so. (In Japan)