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it will be a hit selling well in all regions. I see the game selling at least 3 million world wide.

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fkusumot should copy his post here

tabsina said:
fkusumot should copy his post here

 O.K., but just for the sake of posterity.

Wii Fit in Japan - Hit or Miss: Post Mortem & Virtual Crow

hanafuda said:

Hit or Miss?


I think it is going to sell quite well, but more than 1 million? I don't think so.

To be honest, I think it is going to struggle to reach 500,000 by the end of the year, and the 'legs' aren't going to be that good either.

cool48 said:
Miss. Not expecting more than 250k first week.

Tyrannical said:
I see Wii fit being Nintendo's biggest flop since the virtual boy. (and feel free to taunt me if I turn out wrong)

a.l.e.x59 said:
Wii Fit? No...

jjseth said:
Hit or Miss? Hmmmm I'll go another route. Flop. And badly at that.

Mummelmann said:
Miss. Pure and simple.

hunter_alien said:
Well first week sale are in ... IMO : miss , deffinatly.

I blame Wii Fit!


Dolla Dolla said:

I agree. I think it will do at least 250k its first week under heavy supply constraints, and sell very well for months on end, perhaps hitting near 1.5 million in Japan alone by the end of February.


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Hit, it will outsell the PS3 in japan over the next few months.

For the record, the Japanese analyst in the opening post who predicted Super Mario Galaxy would hit 1 million also now appears to be correct.

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People actually thought this would flop?
Have they been living under a rock?

If there are 2 things that can sell better than sex or free beer, they're the Wii and fitness. Combining the 2 isn't even a brilliant move. It's like... the next logical step in Nintendo's plans for world domination.

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