Do you think killing is normal?

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Do you think killing is normal?

Yes. 13 43.33%
No. 3 10.00%
In some situations 6 20.00%
It depends what you mean by "normal" 8 26.67%

Do you think killing is normal?


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Almost all life must kill to eat be it plant, animal, bacteria etc. So yes it is a fact of life. Organisms kill other organisms.

Humans killing humans? Absolutely not normal.

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Have you been enslaved?

Yes. But it depends on the killing.

Killing an animal for food is normal, however in the social context of society killing another human isn't considered normal because it puts in danger the rules that let us as social creatures live together. Despite the fact that murder happens a lot.

Yes humans and animals both fight over land all the time.

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Well I can think of one way to find out.

Killed anybody lately?

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I think I figured it out. Normal people don't kill people, so killing is not normal. As long as we're talking homocide here.

Actually it depends on the definition of "killing" as much as it does "normal."

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It's part of human history. We just know that we'll forfeit our own lives if we kill other people/ go to hell/ have to buy a lot of acid and a hacksaw to dispose of the body/ don't have the heart to do it.

People have been killing people since Cain and Abel pretty much. (or cavemen. whichever)

Only wild animals. Its not normal to kill other humans or dogs unless they are viscous.

Killing animals, of course, I'm a meatitarian.

Killing other people is natural, but murderers are considered abnormal my our society, so I would say it is not "normal".