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Fun little competition to win some free t-shirts:


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I definitely know the top middle one!



I know the 1st e is LBP

the G in the start looks like some banjo kazooie font..

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I know all of them, where do I post it here?



nice game.
I know everything except for the first R.....

Let me do some research

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leo-j said:
I know all of them, where do I post it here?

"Answers to info@gamerprint.co.uk, all correct answers will go into a draw."

I know em all where do I post?

It's not worth it for a free t shirt. I want a cash prize. lol

actually its stupid.. you randomly select 3 people.. so if I end up having all of them first, there is a chance I wont even get a shirt -_-



Only two aren't instantly recognisable, though I'm sure could work them out easily enough if I wanted to.