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huaxiong90 said:
Reasonable said:
Looks pretty good. I never get why people would want 3D trees over 2D trees though. It's a driving sim. The second you add more off-track detail you're going to pay for it elsewhere whether the car models, number of cars, or other options (on console that is).

First and foremost I want the cars, lighting, handling and everything to do with the driving to excel. Everything else is much less important IMO.

Note this isn't a knock at Forza as such. It's a very good game. My view is simply Forza would be even better with 2D trees and say more cars or whatever else they could add (that affects driving and the look of the cars) if they dropped some of the detail.

I'll be honest - I may not be the biggest graphics whore, as I can play old PS1 and before that without any problem even after playing eye candy-type games like Crysis, Uncharted 2, but seeing 2D trees similar to Midtown Madness quality (ok, not that low, but you get the point), while at the same time seeing well crafted cars (which are some of the most finely detailed I've ever seen in a game) in a replay...it kind of upsets the balance for me, you know? They could at least use some more convenient visual trick than that, so as to avert such nitpicking.

Well, I'm not saying I don't want good detail - just that I don't want to see other stuff sacrificed to get it.  On driving games I never really notice that stuff.  It's just a background blur as I'm focused on the track and the other cars.  Or it's a blur because I've spun off again.

Now, if I was wandering around an FPS or TPS and saw trees like that it'd be another story of course.

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