GT5 gets stunning leaked replay footage!

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We think our eyes are about to explode: the latest footage for GT5 is a 9.5 on the “holy shit” meter.

The new video shows off a replay of the McLaren F1 driving about the old Nurburgring, where trees are green, the sky is blue and the peace is shattered by supercars going from 0-60MPH at three seconds flat.

Go watch it below, thanks to TSA.

No actual solid date has been given for the Polyphony racer, but Sony said at GDC it will be out this year.  There might be another demo in the works as well, but nothing concrete has emerged yet as to when or if we’ll see it.

In the meantime, most recent shots and trailer are here and here.



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not really impressive =s i've seen stuff like this in GDC CES ?


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Wow awesome car..


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there are plenty of rep here from an "special demo code" that someone is leaking regularly

as always very pretty !

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lighting it's really impressive. u can see sun glare and it's look really realistic, i m more interested about damage, new deformation engine.

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Gran Turismo 5 will be King of Racing. Nuff Said.


well, it seems they still have 2D trees, but deformation damage is more important to me anyway.. I hope they manage to integrate that

It's crazy good looking. I'm gonna watch those leaks that lilleblue linked to.

i hard to say that graphics looks good when the only thing that looks good there are cars. let's wait for vids from city or more detailed tracks and with some weather effects or different time of day cause it's not that hard to make the game look good when you have clear blue sky and very simple track to render with no backgroud.

looks like that big change in AI was complete BS to me - cars still drive in the same line except that on straight parts of the track they drive left and right all the time.

Game looks amazing, best racing game to date... but 5 years in the making good? maybe not so much

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