Ten simple rules to become a good soldier in the console wars

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All consoles suck compared to the next generation anyway so what's the point of fighting.


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lovin this thread!

really well written actually! and good points too. i like that in most of the rules there's something tiny written about each "team", really nice touch! :D

RolStoppable said:
Acevil said:

Hmm, what if you are currently applied to dual citizenship?

Do I have to pick one army?

One army is preferable, but if you work hard enough, you can still be of good use. The remaining company is of course the devil and possibly a threat to gaming itself.

It depends on the other army and situation.

You could be in the Nintendo army but hire yourself to do contract work for the Microsoft army if it meant discrediting the move or pointing out the 360 version of a multiplat game is better and or the Microsoft and Sony army can join forces to point out that the Wii is only for children and non-gamers.

Also, the Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony amries can all join together to laugh at the PC army that still thinks they're relevant.  :-p

Katilian said:
Muffin31190 said:

Or u could skip all that crap and Play on your favorite console support it by playing its exclusive games.

Instead of spending all ur time ignoring your favorite console to rant about how awsome it is when your not even playing it.

You must be a casual gamer. Us hardcore gamers are way too busy trolling forums to be playing games.

Ur right ill just be a casual gamer and stick to Playing my game system instead of being a Troll/harcore gamer and posting on forums starting Flame Wars .... LOLZ LOLZ LOLZ.


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A good soldier or a good fanboy?

Just wondering...