Ten simple rules to become a good soldier in the console wars

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I don't really mind, but the console wars stuff is getting boring, until the time motion controls come that is.


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Fun and sad facts at the same time.

RolStoppable said:
chazy13 said:
one of the best threads ive read in ages
it reminded me why i love coming on these forums and bashing other fanboys

I am not sure why I still come here. I try my best to create good threads and I think that some of them even qualify as art. Unfortunately, they get lost in the forum pretty quickly because they get drowned by a bunch of topics praising the PS3 or the latest graphics comparison thread. There was a time when the threads I made here on VGC got the attention they deserved, but nowadays you only get a lot of views and posts when you cater to the lowest common denominator and do so in a positive manner, otherwise the thread gets locked.

Many respectable members left the site due to the influx of the more casual readers who only want to hear how awesome the graphics of the next game are. These people wouldn't know art if it crawled up their ass, died and blamed Wii Fit. At this rate it's only a matter of time before I leave the site as well, because I don't see a future for my meaty threads and I sure don't want to dumb everything down for the masses.

Well I do know why I come here when I am not gaming: to read stuff like this where cool guys like you make good stealth quality fun out of the fanboy console warriors... They don't even notice!

[flamebait] Why this thread we already know ps3 is the best console ever [/flamebait]

Just following the rules ^,^

May the adjustments be with you

I feel a disturbance in the sales

How important is second place anyway? Nice list though, especially 7... fanboy. Just practicing.

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Imo this isnt limited to console wars. Thats just the way we (humans) fight. We try to use every possible weapon to achiev our goal. Most people do know the facts but thats not the point the point is to "win" no matter what.

Here on the Internet this is just like a Sport. In a real war enemies use the same tactics to influence people.

Thats the nature of humans. But well described. If you are an Agent and you work undercover in another country you will probably get similar instructions if you have to influence people.

Lol. Oh wait...

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omg RolStoppable is on the Rol- again...

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Funny thing is. Its all true

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