Bold Prediction: Modnation Racer will be the best seller new IP this year.

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Khuutra said:
Notorius.A.i.G said:
I predict :

Metacritic Score : 92

First Week : 600 K

At the End of 2010 : 2 Million

I personally think Red Dead Redemption could be the best new selling IP this year.

Isn't that a sequel to Red Dead Revolver?

I'm not sure.

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Agent will, if it comes out this year. Maybe The Last Guardian could, also.

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Gojimaster said:
Your prediction will fail very hard.

Here are few things that should beat Modnation Racers

1. Red Dead Redemption
2. Alan Wake
3. The game that Natal is bundled with
4. The game that Move is bundled with
5. The game that Wii Vitality is bundled with
6. A new 3DS game
7. LA Noire
8. Just Dance is a 2009 title, but sales in 2010 will probably easily beat Modnation racers

Other new games that could easily beat Modnation racers are Heavy Rain, Alien Vs. Predator, Bayonetta, Darksiders, Vanquish, The new shattered spiderman game, and more. We'll see.

I would be very, very surprised if Modnation racers could beat Red Dead Redemption though.

Finally, the Sonic kart racing game has been selling terribly on both PS3 and 360.



Thats not a new IP my friend


But I agree with most people on this. 6 million LT is IMO out of question. Best case I could see this doing LBP numbers, and even that will be only in the longrun. Best selling new IP this year? Maybe, but we still have to see what e3 holds, and there is already plenty of competition from HR and AW...

I say Alan Wake will be the best seller. I could see Mod Nation Racers being rated higher though.

MNR really isn't my kind of game. I'll just stick to Burnout Paradise for racing games thank you very much.

Everyone with a Wii will buy it because they thought it was a Wii game, and it will do 20m!

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I wanna ask the OP if this was a joke thread, especially the 6+ million number.

I don't know. We have quite a few new IPs this year that'll probably sell in the 2-3 million range:

Modnation Racers
Heavy Rain
Alan Wake
Ninokuni (if it takes off anything like Inazuma)

And I'd hope the Last Guardian would as well, though it's debatable whether it's a new IP (I personally think it's not).

@mr khan: We haven't seen a new JRPG IP break a million in years, save Inazuma, and that's hardly your typical JRPG. The Last Story may end up deserving of 2+ million sales, but I highly doubt it'll come close.

Though it's being published by Nintendo, so maybe they'll actually try to market the game in the West, ala Monster Hunter 3. Who knows, that may even start a trend for other publishers, which would be nice.

I dunno I think it could do incredibly well ESPECIALY with 4 player split screen its going to become a VERY popular couch co-op game AND i think because the ps3 dosnt have any kart racers and kart racers are GREAT i think this game could do INCREDDIBLY well (i know IM going to buy it)

let's be real now. 6 million is outrageous. this is why i hate ps3 fans that hype a game too much and expects sales that are halo-like numbers. i'd say maybe 3mil if it has good advertising and pre-order numbers pick-up from now on, and 4mil if it ends up like another LBP. in a way, i think i'm predicting it will sell better than LBP in its lifetime. =]

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Would be great but I don't think it will happen either.

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