Killzone 2 going 3D this “summer”

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Hmm, I'd get the feeling that most HDTVs right now would already be able to display 3D, and all you'd need is the glasses...

Which by the way, I went to the cinema today to see Clash of the Titans, great experience with the 3D but the film was pretty mediocre, however, I bought a pair of glasses for 80p (Like $1.20ish) in order to watch it... I'd assume they would work with 3D gaming too o.O

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sweat, that will be unreal, can't wait

It's going to be cool playing in 3D.

Cool, I'll be getting a 3d tv this summer after seeing reviews and deciding which one to buy. Converting a game to 3d doesn't require twice the computer power, by the way. With a standard game, most of the computation is already done, where objects are, textures loaded, collision, sound, and everything else. To make that same game 3d ONLY requires that you draw the screen a second time, from a different horizontal view point. I'd be just guessing to try and come up with a percentage, but your just doubling the screen drawing routines, but that's just a percentage of the total games computation, and they will probably figure out ways to do the second screen draw pass efficiently.

God Sony is making it hard to resist... I mean most of the big games past and present and of course future are going to be able to display 3d. They are really pushing 3d. This gen is long from over. 10 year life cycle? I'd be surprised if it didnt last longer. Where are all the "Lol ps3 will be lucky to last 2 years" people now?

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nordlead said:
Wagram said:
WHY!!!! They better keep games in 2D too or i'm going to be PISSED.

any game that can do 3D could easily be displayed in 2D. The images are already rendered in 3D, then "flattened" into a 2D image for the screen. So long as a dev doesn't do something that depends on 3D viewing, the game will also work in 2D.

Also, since 3D TV's aren't the norm no developer would intentially cut out the majority of the market, when they should easily be able to accomodate both.

Thats not entirely true, many games are rendered without specific care towards the Z axis/Z order. They would need to make accomodations before they created the game for the eventual 3D release.

I wonder what resolution it'll render at? Is it 720P or 1280/540?