Why does everyone think Natal will be huge?

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Because M$ has the funding to market this thing to no end. You vastly underestimate marketing.

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Ahh, cause M$ says so. It seems they say something these days and the plebs follow. Remember what they said about Blu-ray flopping and that DDL would be taking over, right about...now?

I for one don't think it will be a huge success... Heck, IMHO I think it will be a nightmare to develop for, be buggy and be limited to certain genres only. But hey, at least they are breaking their " Let's just copy other companys" mold, which they are inFAMOUS for.

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If MS want to make Natal a success i think they need to take a big gamble. Release an updated Xbox with increased performance that will run natal perfectly with no latency issues and will also run old xbox games with natal support. Bundle this with a Natal sports/arcade style bunch of games and sell it at a loss of $300-400usd

If 360 slim is released on the same day as Natal, and i mean same day, and they bundle it for about $349.99 then it will sell a lot, and the 360 will finally end its streak of getting beat by the ps3 in sales. but 10 million? dont think so. i say 5-7 million will be sold, and about 3 million in the first 2 weeks. they also need a big Natal game aswell. and if they even think of releasing it all at the same time of Reach, then its all going to fail miserably.

I love this thread. I've read through much of it, and there's so much speculation that's being pumped as fact. People can criticize the Move all they want, but Sony has shown much how it works and shown games for it. Microsoft hasn't done the same for Natal.



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1337 Gamer said:
Because M$ has the funding to market this thing to no end. You vastly underestimate marketing.

When my 10 year old sister saw that ad with the family sitting around "using" Natal, she acted like it was the best thing ever, and told me I have to get it. So I think if it actually works like MS says it can and they market it well it could be a huge success but it's a pretty big if on the working part, the marketing I'm pretty sure will work well lol

1337 Gamer said:
Because M$ has the funding to market this thing to no end. You vastly underestimate marketing.

Yeah, like the day they said HDDVD would beat Bluray, or Vista and Zune would be successful.

They used marketing then, and it failed completely.

At the end of the day it all comes down to how well Natal is recieved.

Not heard much of it in the UK on mainstream media, well nothing of it to be honest, all just on gaming websites!

If the morning TV and news have it on and say its good then it'll be a success, if they don't like it then it will flop, same for move. The Wii got a lot of attention and that's what people see. Also didn't help that theres very few fun childrens or family games on the 360/PS3 so parents and families all bought Wiis. I can't see many people buying a 360 just for natal unless it's really well recieved in mainstream media.

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Yeah the majority loves it!

Brennan said:
or make "pew pew pew" with our fingers...

Seriously, I really doubt Natal will be huge, since it's basically an EyeToy.

You're overestimating the power of marketing and money, or Microsoft former success.

If money and marketing were enough to make a bad product succeed every time, then Zune and Vista wouldn't have flopped hard like they did.

Vista flopped because it was a flawed software package on release.  After SP2 it was great but the damage had already been done.  Windows 7 is getting way more sales and marketing than Vista ever did and it shows.

The Zune is a superior product, but it really doesn't see much marketing at all.  Once Zune as a service starts to grow even more thanks to Xbox Live and its other services, then the marketing and the product itself will begin to sell to its potential.

Natal is quite more advanced and capable than an EyeToy, and the EyeToy itself sold 10 million units, so it looks like Natal will be quite the success if it can sell 10 million units or more in the last year or 2 of this generation.