Xenoblade Website Has Be Updated!!!!!!!!!!! (Its Awesome)

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The Xenoblade has be updated. It has the boxart design and new music. Here is the link


Awesomeness. The new song on there is real nice though not a style I expected to see in this game.

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Nice music.

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Looks pretty cool. I like the music.

I hope that's the final box art... :D I really like it.

I'm getting more and more excited for this game ^_^ .


Nice. The music reminds me of Baten Kaitos. Which is a good thing, that game had incredible music!

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The new logo is much improved.

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Yeah, logo looks sweet.

The giant monster dude at the back is just awesome.

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That is what you call a ART box ^~ ... the music is also pretty amazing ...


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Good music and Why only one of the big things in the back?

Awesome song. Lousy graphics - Worse than PS2 Xenosaga. Far worse actually. But let's hope they polish this up.

I most likely will be day oneing this. I love the Xenosaga devs and I need more Wii games.