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If it weren't so clearly fake, I'd say it's about time. He's been populating his games with closet cases for years.

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If true there go the western sales?

the source appears to not exist, so I'm going to call this april fools. But it would be unique and cool if it were. It would also make sense as to why SE didn't want it to be a numbered entry.

I don't think he'd do this in a world filled with homophobes

April Fools, SE would NEVER admit that.......well atleast for him anyways.....

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.... what? so i was right when i said on his last trailer he came out of the closet and told her about the "light" he found in there.

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AngelosL said:
this is definitely fake,but it could make sense because the series appeals more to homosexuals since the release of FF X

Hahaha so true :)

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dunno001 said:
darthdevidem01 said:
Is this the first April Fools Joke

if its true I really don't know what to say, so I will remain diplomatic & continue to worship Lightning.

Given the source and what I've heard about Japanese culture, it's almost certainly an April Fool's joke. I think it would be interesting to see his take on it if it weren't, but... that's just not going to happen.

More proof from ffxiii.net

Direct quote from there:


I was lurking 2channel's 3rd Birthday thread - god knows why, it never bears rewards ;; - and tomorrow's issue of Famitsu says the same thing.

Nomura's also expressing his disappointment at pressure to make the game "360-friendly", and he's concerned that the company could make the decision to make it multiplat without consulting him, like they did with FFXIII.

Apparently on parts of the interview not visible above, he says that FFXIII's subtle relationship between Fang and Vanille was well noted and received by the consumers, so he decided to make Noctis gay. He's single, though, and it's not going to be shoved in the face of gamers.


I'm still skeptical

and the game COULD be made multiplat

EDIT: Well famitsu may be doing an April Fools issue too

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haha, i dont think FF is that daring

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Hope it's an April Fools joke.

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