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I agree with Pachter. Outside of this website I've never heard mention of the Vitality sensor and I barely even know what it is/does. I don't see how it will be a big deal or people will rush out to buy it.

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People here are talking about the Wii VS in the same way they talk about the 3DS (as if they all ready saw it in action) ...that is very lame , dudes just wait and see E3 starts at July 15th , than after Nintendo press conference will may be able to say that sucks


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Cheebee said:

This ought to turn out great. I remember all the guys just like him saying how awfully stupid, dumb, and unnecessary the Wii Remote and Balance Board looked and how they'd never succeed. XD They just *want* to see Nintendo fail, for some unfathomable reason they seem to feel extremely threatened by the big N.

Yeah, i remember that xD too bad Nintendo will always be in the market for a loooooooong time, thanks to nintendo fans like us who will always be with them, and buy their amazing products <3 Nintendo

Pachter said Nintendo would sell 3-4 million Wii fits! And he thought that was good.


Gabe Newell saying that Biometrics are the future of gaming.

Which means that Nintendo may be on to something.

Ironically, looking at the pix of Pacther, he appears to be much more of the Wii market (older) than a PS3 or Xbox 360 market.

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I think some clever developers could come up with some really cool features in games using the Vitality Sensor. Even EA trys to replicate something similar in the Tiger Woods golf game with the increased heart rate sound through the speakers when you are stepping up to make a big shot.

Imagine a FPS like Modern Warfare when you are defending your position, things are getting tough, your heart beat increases and the game reacts based on this. It could get more intense and throw more enemies at you to try and break you, your reflex speed could dull or maybe be sharper, if you keep the heart rate up too long you could tire out and slow down.

Only problem is fat gamers with a high resting heart rate could be screwed. Another reason for them to go and buy Wii Fit I guess.

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People need to see Pachter for what he is. a guy with an opinion, not some kinda of HD fnaboy or nintendo troll which is just rediculous

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woopah said:
People need to see Pachter for what he is. a guy with an opinion, not some kinda of HD fnaboy or nintendo troll which is just rediculous

I'm a guy with an opinion, Pachter is a highly paid industry analyst. You would have thought that with his track record he would have been fired by now.

When he doesn't say something completly obvious, is always the complete opposite that happens of what he says. In other words, VS shall be HUGE.

Above: still the best game of the year.

I think the Vitality Sensor is big. Too big to effectively use in general gaming. The Sensor should work just by holding the Wii Remote. Which would mean a new type of Wiimote. Otherwise I just don't see it working so well outside a game or two that Nintendo makes.

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