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it's true that this is the type of game that would be hurt by piracy (saw it online like 2 weeks ago...)

anyways, word to mouth should help for people who want a sword game.

I'll be in the sales in a bit, once price drops.


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vaio said:
EntilZha said:
I blame the HomeBrew channel for lack of sales of many games. I know several people who will only purchase the best of the best (Zelda, Mario, Metroid) and all others they download for free using HomeBrew.

Stop spreding miss information the homebrew channel has nothing to do with piracy absolutly nothing. You can install everything you need to play backups without the homebrew channel and you can install homebrew channel without being able to play backups.

Please educate your self before making statements like this.

I work with someone that just "hacked" his Wii to install the HomeBrew channel and he said it was great for all the "free" games he was downloading. He mentioned COD MW:R, Super Mario Bros Wii, and No More Heroes 2. He asked if I wanted him "hack" my Wii so I could get all these games too. I told him I was not interested. Several other people I know have had the same thing done to "get the free games". The main reason people install the HomeBrew channel is to get the Backup Loader, and the main reason people get the Backup Loader is to play pirated games. Is that educated enough?

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I'm going to reserve all judgment on the sales of this game until I get a better idea of its legs.

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i know people around here who charge for installing the hbrew channel, Plus , as bonus, for the service, a handful of free copied(like NSMBW) games. Yeah i wonder if they are related...

too bad, looks like a game i would buy if i still had my wii, hope it gets good legs

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Am I the only person who isn't surprised by the sales? I mean, besides the motion control sword fight, this game had nothing else going for it. No multiplayer is a HUGE turn off, especially for a FPS. It seems like a repetitive game. There's nothing really special about this game that make it a must buy beyond the sword fight.

I think Monster Hunter 3 is going to do really well though.

Looks like Monster Hunter will be pretty big. I can see advertising everywhere online and imagine it will be tv advertised quite hard too.


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Ubisoft didn't promote the game like they did the first one. Yes it was a launch title so sales were higher but at the time you couldn't turn on your tv without seeing a bunch of idiots jumping around on a couch. Ubisoft instead cut it's ad budget for the game.

i reckon this is the type of game that will have legs like COD Reflex

I think that Ubi is hoping for word of mouth, but if Red Steel 2 tanks, I can only imagine what they will do for future on the Wii. I suggest everyone to go and buy it, or after EA we have another publisher who'll abandon the HC audience.

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