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Mutedperson said:
Senlis said:
Mutedperson said:
Senlis said:
So I can choose either 50 graphics cards or an 100 core CPU? You do realize that you need a CPU and a graphics card for a computer to run right?.....right?

wrong and right?!?!?! ya all you need is a proc that can do both. The Ps3 was made without a video card and then later had one added due to the strain devs would have tring to fiqure it out. As for may answer i have two really. If ati would get there stream tech running better the 5970's due to the fact they can indeed run an os with the right drivers and the bandwith is far more insane than a cpu. If those drivers would never show well then the proc casue it can already do both.

The only problem with having one chip that does both is a CPU is not good at graphics and a GPU is not efficient doing the work a CPU does.  It is two different types of math.

Ya i know they arnt as specialized to do both, i never said they were. The only reason i posted was you said "You do realize that you need a CPU and a graphics card for a computer to run right?.....right?"................ and thats not right. No its not practical but not right at the same time. Nividia is working on their cards to make them run an os.

I was frozen today!!!


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fenderlove01 said:

So would you rather have a 100-core processor that could all the multi-tasking ever necessary or a system that you could somehow crossfire 50 ati 5970's for insane frame rates, and jaw dropping visuals. Rules: YOU MUST CHOOSE ONE. 

First one of course. Unfortunately I don't think that wouldn't be enough to run my simulation with full settings.