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lol i just can't stop watching it, so fucking cool how she kicks the monsters assesssss!!

i love you Nintendo an team Ninja!

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

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jarrod said:
Mr Khan said:

Speed is back to Metroid, and there is freedom of movement, and it is quick, and fucking gorgeous, and with little explorational quirks (like jumping up to a ledge and grabbing it and going in and becoming the morph ball)

This, this, this!

Oh agile Samus, how I've missed you!  Retroid tank Samus can diaf!

I loved Metroid Prime (loved it. Best game ever), but i'll agree that there was a distinction in how the games played. The prime series scratched a different itch than old-school Metroid, i've found, where combat was more about agility. This seems to bridge the gap neatly, especially with Prime mode.

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This is going to topple Super Metroid as best in the series.

I'm calling it now.

superchunk said:
This is going to topple Super Metroid as best in the series.

I'm calling it now.

I agree. It's hard, but it doable.

Also, this is the year the Wii can potetially surpass the SNES - bold words from me, a huge Snes fan (best ever <3).

But the Wii/DS already surpassed the Snes/Gameboy a long time ago.

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As I posted earlier, this looks more awesome than I ever imagined! It's like they combined two awesome games (Super and Prime) into one. I refuse to watch the entire trailer because I want to experience as many surprises as possible when I play this game. I've already seen enough to know I need to pre-order it.

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Looks like it might be the best game on the Wii so far imo.

This looks crazy good. I need more money.


this gonna be my game of the year by far

Just awesome. I'll watch this all day.

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