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maximus22 said:
^ lol
I think you're a bit early for april fools day.

If you think that was an april Fools joke.. Then you are a motherfucking idiot.

LMAO!  Dude, stop it you're killing me!!

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Strofan7 said:
The point of the console is it does EVERYTHING, not just playing games (of which it has arguably the best library). Also being in 3rd place in the sales charts doesn't make it a failure.

I'm a bit curious as to how many 360's are bought by the same person, as 3 of my friends have simply bought a new 360 instead of getting their broken one fixed haha.

It does everything and steals from Nintendo

CGI-Quality said:
Jordahn said:

2.Big deal. Console should be about games not that

But you said:

"Is Sony in first place? No. They are in last.

Is the PS3 selling like PS2 and PS1. No?

Is sony making profit on PS3? No"

^^^ Nothing about games.


And I said:

"The PS3 has some of the best 1st/2nd party games, best exclusive 3rd party games, and best 3rd party multi-platform games."

^^^ All about games.


You are such a looser.

Aahhh.....guys, don't get yourselves banned over anything with him.

Yeah, but at least I can still get the news from this site if that were to happen.  No biggie.

Hackers are poor nerds who don't wash.

Mission: accomplished.


patriot7's best friend is kibry07 on his friend list.. mhm


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thread derailed lol

ot: good sales for Ps3, never expected Ps3 to be doing this good back in 07 when I bought my Ps3. GoW has always been a good seller in America, even though this boost won't be long it's still a good reason for Americans to pick up Ps3.

PS3 is failure. Sony should of never made it cost so much.

Reminds me of the last quote from the movie se7en................."I agree with the 2nd part"


Favorite films. Foreign films forever!


Stop taking the troll seriously. Why do u guys love feeding the trolls?

Ok, back to Topic! Great sales for PS3

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- George Orwell, ‘1984’

Linkasf said:
Stop taking the troll seriously. Why do u guys love feeding the trolls?

He's now banned. Let's not even bring it back up.