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EDIT: WAP should be WPA, sorry my dumbness


So I have a brand new DSi XL which now as opposed to the regular DS "can connect wirelessly to WPA protected networks".

Well, yes it can, I set the connection on the internet options of the console and it was successful. Nice.


Time to play some mario kart DS online. Put in the game, and go to NWC match. It didn't work because I had to set up the connection first.

"But I just did that"... ok, back to MKDS connectivity option panel to set up the internet connection on the game.

It happens that the "DS doesn't support this type of network" error pops up after searching for the same access point which was successfully set on the DS menu and I can go to the DSi Shop Channel with no probs...


So what is the "WPA" support afterall since the games are unplayable online? Just for DSi only features?


I'm probably returning back my console... I could set my network to wep in a matter of secondes, true, but Nintendo could make a real wap support for the damn portable.


I hope I'm wrong on this and somehow there's a solution to play any game online on the DSi XL using wap network.




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WAP stands for Wireless Access Point. All wireless networks are (well have a) WAP.

I presume from your "WAP protected" statment you mean either WEP or WPA... which are encrypted networks (though WEP is barely better than unencrypted but that doesn't matter for this)

I am afraid I may not be able to help you as I don't have a DS, but if you confirm what you mean it might help (and others may be able to help better)




If it is a WEP or WPA encrypted network you are trying to connect to, then there must be a setting somewhere in the DS for inputting the password for it (presumably you had to input an SSID too?... can you give more details about the network)

Yes, TWRo0, I mean WPA...

I'm just pissed of, I bought it and took it home hoping to play some mario kart ds, worms and metroid prime hunters online.

None of them works because I have a WPA connection which with the DSi should be compatible...

Only DSi software lets you connect through WPA, all DS games still need to go through WEP.
It's like the support for SDHC on the Wii with the games needing SD.

It updates the SO but not the games... same thing happened on the DSi, it's nothing new.

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@ Tomatito

Then Nintendo shouldn't market it as being WPA compatible.

Should say that the DSi-only software can be played online with WPA and nothing else.

And I won't put my network on WEP because I know my neighbours can crack it in no time...
Now I have a cut-edge kickass portable that doesn't play online though WPA...

Extremely nice.

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Some questions:

This is your home network yes?

What kind of connection do you have (I presume broadband, so you have a modem and a wireless router yes?)

Did you have your old DS connected to it working fine? If so then have you changed the settings on your wireless acces point (ie your router) to use WPA instead of WEP.
The old DS can't use any encryption but WEP apparently, which means that before you got the DSi you were using WEP. If your router is still WEP then it shouldn't work with the DSi using WPA. I am not sure how you could still get on the DSi shop though, I am not sure of how the DSi works.

Huh what..? That's crap. I used to have WEP in the past, but now I only have WPA available, and haven't been able to play any DS games online, at all. I'd been looking forward to finally being able to do so again when I got an XL. Damn. What the bloody heck Nintendo.

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