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So I was surprised to find out Red Steel 2 has been out for almost a week already.  Haven't heard much anymore.  I showed this game/review with a friend and he's already ordered it.  But virtually no hype anywhere else, disappointing for one of the best games to come out on the wii this year.

Anybody getting to hear about it?

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in europe there is some advertisement but only online..

soon Ubi will start complaining their game didn't sell


Ubisoft lowered sales expectations for the title a while ago, so there might be a correlation.

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ive seen advertising for the game on Tv. (once) Here in the US... the add finish saying something like this "Red Steel 2, made exclusivly for wii motion plus"

I saw an ad here in the UK in the commercials during South Park when I was watching on Sky+ yesterday. That's a minor satellite channel at 10:45 on a Friday night.


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I also have seen commercials of it and I'm quite surprised because I barely see any commercials for Wii games at all

Ubisoft did that to have another lame excuse of why their games don't sell, blame Nintendo and keep making Babyz games on it.

who didn't saw that coming?

I've seen more than a few RS2 commercials on Comedy Central, and a couple on Adult Swim. They really don't air until after 7 PM or so.


EDIT - That's still better than most notable 3rd party Wii game advertising efforts, though.

omg - will nintendo fans every be satisfied? does every wii game have to have a GTA/halo level advertisement budget?

I haven't seen ads over here. There was that ad in the US, but that seems to be all.

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