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Often I find on this site and many others discussing consoles and their power.

Now this generation,hands down the best console technically is the Playstation3.

The best console for extras to go along with the gaming aspect is also the PS3 in my opinion.

One word I used in both of those statements is the word CONSOLE.I personally think,and have always thought so,that it is unfair to use the argument "what a console can do,a PC can do better",because if those arguments ever got anyone anywhere,what would be the point in consoles?

The so called advantage of the PC over consoles,the faster pace of change in the technology is not an advantage if you ask me.It is a disadvantage.When a games developer looks at developing a game on a console,they can take their time,and make that game the best that it can be on that console,because they know if they start delopment on Gran Turismo 5 in 1467BC it's not gonna be outdated in comparison to other games on the console when it releases in _pick your favourite date from Star Trek and insert here_ because the technology doesn't change.

Yes PC gaming is good,but I'd much rather spend one sum of money on my games machine,than buy a £500-£2000 laptop or PC every few years just to keep up with the changing tech in games development on the PC.

Playstation gaming for 18 years this 2012

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By the way,i'm more than well aware that this is perhaps one the most age old arguments in gaming,I just wanted to refresh people's minds.

Playstation gaming for 18 years this 2012

Shio, and Vlad are not gonna be happy about this!

But yeah I prefer Console gaming over PC gaming cause its so much more streamlined, and cheaper.

PC gaming isn't as supported as console gaming,I hardly ever see any PC games being tracked on this site.

Playstation gaming for 18 years this 2012