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DS has been with us for what, five or six years now? If it were a console, it'd be near the end of it's life. But Nintendo doesn't launch handhelds often, especially compared to consoles. Revisions, yes. Not an new line. In fact Nintendo is more than happy to milk a console for as long as possible, and seems to rather hate launching new consoles. At least this was the attitude with the previous President, Iwata is his own person but it's obvious he spends the company's money more on the conservative side as well.

If we look at Nintendo's history with handhelds, they only seem to launch a new line in response to something else. After more than a decade of GB, GBA was launched. I believe in an attempt to help their home console division. Remember the connectivity between GBA and GC? That didn't go anywhere, but I still believe was an attempt to get the massive GB fanbase to buy a GC to at the very least, go next to their PS2. And the DS, which of course was in development for years, was no doubt rushed onto stores to combat the PSP.

But the DS is still selling like hotcakes. PSP has done well in it's own right, but it doesn't move the units or games the DS does. So why is Nintendo looking to launch a new DS so soon? And I think it is soon, since a vast majority of us were taken by surprise at the announcement. No one expected a "DS2" this early.

Could Nintendo be changing their strategy? Try to stay ahead of the curve, instead of waiting for Sony to announce a new handheld? Or is there a product out there now, that has forced Nintendo to make a move?

I'm talking about Apple, and their iPhone/iPod Touch. We've seen how well they're doing, and some claim the report on them isn't even accurate. That they're doing much better. The report didn't take into account the "freemium" games, which let's you DL free games as stand alone fare, but you can buy additional content as time goes by. They say if they could accurately take those numbers into account, Apple is doing much better.

Did this force Nintendo's hand? Are they hoping to combat Apple now, before they get a bigger foothold? Or does Nintendo really have nothing to fear, and a launch of a new handheld has nothing to do with Apple. Just Nintendo's desire to launch a new line?

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I don't think Apple has anything to do with it. It's like console makers worrying about PCs. Yeah they can play games but it is not their main focus. Same with the Iphone.

I think Nintendo's reasoning for pushing the 3DS so soon is for one, to be the first to get a foothold into the next generation (MS did it with the 360 and it's almost singlehandedly kept them in 2nd over PS3), and two, ambush Sony by being the first to implement 3-D technology for gaming, since Sony is putting a lot of their focus for the future on 3-D. Nintendo wants to take away any possible edge Sony might gain from being one of the companies to pioneer this tech.

Plus, really by the time the 3DS releases, it'll be roughly 7 years since the DS came out, which is ample time for the handheld. Though hardware is still selling strong, it's starting to decline in Japan, only barely outselling the PSP there on a weekly basis, and its software is starting to decline, particularly in the West. Though I think they could have waited one more year, particularly because of the DS XL launching in the West, I could understand why they decided to launch their next handheld in 2011.

If memory served, the Game Boy Color only lasted for about 3-4 years until the Game Boy Advanced came. Then the DS came in 3-4 years after teh GBA, The only handheld that lasted far beyond them to date, is the original lasted for 10 years. From its launch in 89, to the begining of the new millenium.

Nintendo believes that the new 3D aspect warrants new games and new experiences so their marking a new handheld.

I think is is plain old aggressive business, aiming to take all the shine off of absolutely anything that relies on wearing glasses for 3D viewing.

For those of us in the know about the technology it is obvious why glasses-free 3D on a handheld is easier that on a TV, but for the masses (and I include a whole bunch of the journalists in that) that fact that Nintendo can outperform Sony's big push, and on 'only' a handheld, will make Sony look very second-rate indeed as they try to push 3D products.

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I see the 3DS as a compliment to the present DSi rather than a replacement. They'll sell the significantly more expensive 3DS for probably $250 and the DSi for something in between $100 and $199. This is more an expansion of the DS market than a replacement of the entire DS.


... plus, if it can take movies it will sell like crazy in the amateur porn business. Guaranteed mega-hit.

not only is is Apple that's applying pressure, but a big push is also from


While in November 2009, the iPhone was responsible for 55 percent of U.S. smartphone requests, to Android’s 27 percent, by January 2010, those numbers adjusted to 47 percent for Apple and 38 percent Android. And in February 2010, the percentages slid again toward a more even 44 percent for the iPhone OS and 42 percent for Android.

iPhone Dominates but Android Is Fastest Growing OS: Report


This is talking about the most USED Operating System's for Smart phone's the fact that Even Sony itself has a some Android based Handset's is a pretty tell sign.


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Its what I would call the generational over-lap strategy ... The basic idea is that after 5 to 6 years the early adopters are ready to see new hardware, and you can target late-adopters with a low cost system that is still popular and has a lot of development.



There is a short version below this paragraph if you want to read that instead

Nintendo is launching first because they don't want to head the way of the N64 or the GC.
Nintendo thinks that the 2 system lost because Sony had about a year of time for themselves. So when the PSP was announced. Nintendo announced the DS. It was heavily rushed because of this. Whey else is the DS orginal look so dumb and big. With few games in launch and only 3 years after the GBA. Than nintendo launched the wii around the same time as the PS3. (according to them MS is no threat) They hope to use 3-D which sony was going to put in tvs. Useing this idea nintendo decided to go alittle down market and put it on the DS instead. (Since it has yet been done before suscessfully on a handheld hoping to go blue ocean agian) The 3DS is to destroy sony in the handheld divsion.

In concluesion Nintendo is trying to destroy the compition and be sucessful at the same time.
Useing lessons of the past. They hope to acomblish this

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