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Went down to Venezuela to visit a friend for 10 days and aside from the beaches, babes, and historic sites I did visit quite a few malls and shopping districts and couldn't help but take note of what the gaming situation was like down there.

Now these are only my impressions, and while there is a lot of poverty in Venezuela I spent time in Caracas (the capital), Anzoátegui (oil industry) and Margarita Island (major tourism area) all areas where people had money and were surprising not so different than many cities in NA.

I expected last gen systems to be more prevelant, but they weren't, I saw only 1 store selling GCs and 1 with PS2s. Gameboy Advance and DS often shared shelf space, so this might help explain GBA continued sales. However for 'next' generation systems, only Wii had any presence.

I was in 3 malls, and various shopping districts. Wii's games and accesories were in all the electronics stores, although Wii's themselves were (of course) out of stock. I saw 2 stores with 360's and a couple others with 360 games. The only evidence of PS3 existance at all was a store selling carrying cases for all 3 systems. I did not see 1 PS3, nor any games nor accessories. PSPs were there, mainly in the same stores as the 360s.

Most interesting find was a Wii 'airplane controller'. This was a knock-off product but roughly resembled a planes control stick with the Wiimote and nunchuk clipping into place on either side. You could tilt them side to side or the whole 'stick' backward and forward. The may have independantly moved back and forward too but not that I could tell. There was no game with this and I know of none that would use it, but there it was. If I can figure out how to post an image I will.


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There are all kinds of cool things that might be done with the Wii controller. The trouble is, you don't really want a seperate clip-on widget for every control idea. :/

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well thats the situation.. im in Maracaibo (2nd biggest city in venezuela)... is very hard to find wiis here... i had to buy it in usa... its more easy to find ps3 and x360, but the problem is the price.. a ps3 here costs almost 1000$, while a x360 costs 900$...even with these prices all are already sold out... is funny that in all the malls you can find those gadgets (Wii 'airplane controller' and others) but there isnt any games that use them...

We are wii...

I live in Caracas (I'm from Maracaibo) and Wiis are easy to find for me, but the problem is that stores sell it for almost 3 times the regular price. Although I am sure that this holiday season the Wii is gonna be almost sold out.

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